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Straw machines, pneumatic seeding machines, sugar beet harvesters, baler machines,power harrows, trashers, grain seeders, paper schreders
garden sprayer, hanging-type garden sprayer, hanging-type field sprayer, drawn type garden sprayer, drawn type field sprayer, hanging type turbo atomizer, turbo atomizer type is drawn, accessories for garden sprayer, spare parts for garden sprayer, spare parts for field sprayer, polaris regulator spare parts, 50 hpr regulator parts, eletropar spare parts, aps 145 model comet pump spare parts, propeller model 328 spare parts, agricultural spraying machine, production of garden sprayer
Rotary tillers, garden millings, cotton seeders, fertilizer soil accumulation machines,chisels, canal plough grubbers, harrows, disc harrows, flattening machines, trailers, dippers, corn headres, rakes, cultivators
Combine harvester chains, roller chains,combine belts, pick up baler spare parts, cutter bar parts for mowers, motormower parts, various parts for combinesTrade Marks: TAMPAR
sunn pest fighting machine 600 lt,field sprayer 400 lt,garden sprayer 400 lt,field sprayer 500 lt,field sprayer 600 lt,field sprayer 800 lt,field sprayer 1000 lt,field sprayer with spool pump 300 lt,turbo atomizer 600 lt,fertilizer machine sprayer 350 lt,membrane motor b - 1116 4,agricultural machines,pulverizators,sprayers,turbo sprayers,turbo atomizers,fertilizer spreading machines,membrane motor a - 80 3
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